2012 Vermont 50

Yes, it has taken me over a month to write something about the Vermont 50.  The race and I have a love-hate relationship!  It is where I met Scott but it is also where I have never won even though I have run this race more than any other in my career. I thought with all my training and focus that maybe this would be the year. But, this year was no exception.  I was running well for the first 15 miles until my hamstrings tightened up and my race was derailed.  There seems to be more and more dirt road running every year as well.  My strengths are not tapped into and my mind grows weak on those roads.  I will not go into detail of this race but instead list some “dos and do nots” here.  All that plagued me in this race.

  • Do make sure to check the quantity of energy powder that you will need for the race and that you have enough.
  • Do not try to ingest a salt pill that is broken in half.
  • Do not forget how much road is in a race.
  • Do enjoy yourself.

Onto my Pinhoti report which is much more exciting!

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