Miwok 100k – 6 weeks later!

Since I am months away from the completion of Miwok 100k I thought it was best to just write about the highlights and throw in some photos.

The top five things that stood out for me at Miwok 100k were:

1) Competing in the same race as my coach, Al. He has been my cheerleader for over five years. I thought about him a lot while on course. Wondering how he was faring and cheering for him mentally.

2) The beautiful scenery. From sweeping vistas to the Golden Gate Bridge to behemoth redwoods.

3) Strong running for (almost) the entire race. I only felt a bit of faltering around 32 miles but was able to get over it and continue with a good pace and good state of mind.

4) Strong finish. All downhill and switchbacks allowed my strengths to surface for a strong end to 100k. My quads let me know the next day that I was able to put the effort in!

5) 4th place woman. I was very happy with 4th place (only five minutes out of third). I put a lot of training and effort into performing well and fortunately, it showed.

It was wonderful to have my usual crew in place for Miwok. Scott and my kids were fabulous cheerleaders and pit crew. They even helped out Terry and AJ who were crewing for Al. Cousin Danny, with his unwavering support, was an awesome pacer AGAIN. He drives hours each time to give us support and we appreciate it! It was also wonderful to have cousin Tim and Sara with their little boy Logan helping and cheering as well.

Congratulations go to my coach, Al, who completed his first 100k. I know his mind wasn’t in the best place for a big challenge like this but he persevered and crossed that finish line.

And a huge thank you to the RD, Tia Bodington and her volunteers, for making this race happen. I had a fabulous time on the course and appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting on a race of this distance and size.


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